The joy of the Moment

So I've been spending time with new friends and old ones! Making each moment count. And they are/were amazing!  

But recently I've been hanging with one friend who I just can't get out of my mind. And we've all been there (doesn't mean it's a sexual relationship) sometimes you just  really like a person.  

With that comes a bit of fear and sometimes saddness because you don't know if you will stay cool or what will be.  

So if you've ever been there before, especially if its someone who you are crushing on 😍!   

Enjoy each moment like it's the last!  

Embrace every joyous moment and live in that. Ride it like a roller coaster! Let go, throw your hands in the air, and just be. 

I know it's scary! Forget scary, it's frightening! 

But God doesn't want you operate in FEAR!  

so don't!  

Simply, love every moment. Be excited for another but don't feel entitled to it!   

Nobody owes you anything. Even if they do they don't have to fulfill their obligation (that was for my entitled readers)!   

If someone wants you in there life they will make sure you know. 

Side bar:(I'm having natural non drug enduced body high writing this)! 

But y'all get my point!  

Just love and find the joy in every moment cause it could be a "Memory" you will never forget!  

May you reign!   


Brandon Thomas