Change of Pace

So I don't wanna write too much on this one... it's late and I've had enough on my mind today. 

But, let us be honest...

In life sometimes you need to switch gears! 

So ask your self this. Have you gotten trapped in a  cycle of mundane everyday situations?

Do your goals in life always seem so close yet never quite there? 

Well, Change your pace... turn the gears up and go for everything you want...

God knows thats what I'm doing. 

Either speed up or get left behind in this race called life! ( I say that last sentence out of knowing  you have to let go.... its not easy but you must do it to get to your finish line.)


"Who wants to come in last, in a race verse yourself?"

Because this race is only against yourself. To become your best self. It's not against anyone else. Your journey isn't theirs. Remember that!


May You Reign


Brandon Thomas