High Joker!

So some people know me well enough to know I try to live my life like spades. 

Meaning I place people in my life by Suites. 

Hearts=Loved ones

Diamonds= Career builders/financial support

Clubs=  The ones you just have fun with nothing more

Spades= All the above and more (They cut for you) 

And I play "Joker Joker Deuce Deuce"


 In your own hand you should be your High Joker. 

Well, Today I feel like Cutting... I wanna throw in the hand and just go Ghost and Silent stop loving stop trusting stop giving a DAMN... Just be on reclusive, make people miss my presence  ( and realize who I actually mattered to) 

It's hard trying to care so much... and I don't wanna be that person who gives up and has the people who look at me as hope to be motivation that " if he can do it I can!" then Give up! :(

And its not because of any of my previous emotional post. (thats a seperate journey) 

I wanna hold on to all that.. Until :)

Just in general I wanna disappear! 

I wanna pull out the HIGH JOKER and cut all the bull crap out! 

But guess what, I'm not....


I'm just gonna take it a day at a time! 

Its not easy! But only the strong survive and I refuse to be the one who gave up my LIGHT!

 I'm Always a spade that CUTS high! 

May you Reign

Keep hope alive.... and one foot in front of the other! 




Brandon Thomas