Let's Exhale, It's okay, and It's Beautiful (Breakups)

So, I've had the beauty of being the single friend... 

It was amazing! But, sadly many of my friends I've cared so much for are now  going through breakups or tough times. It's sad!


And wither they were with Girls or Guys or who ever they were with... I'm now the single friend looking to be where they were.   And also wanting to be their support. (I pray for them)  

Tonight, I'm with a friend of mine! (we go way back to college!) #Morehouse

C/O 2013

C/O 2013

And things aren't looking to great... for them and their significant other. 

But..... I'm definitely here for them. 

Wine and all! 

But what troubles me most is I'm having to realize the thing I want. May not last. 

In relationships people cheat, people lie, people break up and make up, and most off all sometimes out grow each other. This exsperince is literally allowing and blessing me, with the understanding, from a distance, that you have to look out for you! No matter who you are with, who you love, you must make sure you are well and good!


So, Exhale and know I gotcha friends! I love y'all! (It literally is like 5 people)


For me, this time has allowed me to see how much you can love a person and it not work out! At least in the moment! But..

Its’s Okay!! What ever the reason is GOD planned it!
— Chase|Reign

After all, you were who you were before your break up! 


But, your are also someone new!  Embrace that, love that, and know that! 

Because once it's all over... wither it works out or not. You will not be as bothered. You will be some where thinking of the other things that you could have been doing with all that energy!

Over all life is beautiful! Breakups make you, they don't break you! 

They make you stronger. Even if it takes a while!

I  personally, am still excited to date. Some of my other friends are getting married and engaged (shout out to J and B[The irony])

But life is beautiful! (yes i said it again) 

I'm starting to see, that you must love someone in the moment! Make plans but don't look for guaranties! Doesn't mean give up hope or think things won't happen just enjoy each moment!

The love of your life could be there one second and gone the next! 

But life doesn't stop!

That is the best part of life! 

So cherish your friends and have a good time!

You will be okay!

Exhale, its okay, and its beautiful.

May you Reign 


Brandon Thomas