I'm beyond grateful and proud of myself for never really quitting. I think that life is full of journies. However, the journey only stops when you stop. Think about this. For those people who want amazing bodies, yet go to the gym once a month.   

Need I say anymore?  

Now those people who go to the gym daily, where are they now? 

Probably closer to their goal than we are! AKA the procrastinators 

My point is... Great people don't quit!  

In fact, most great people were not so great at one point! Many people where actually the bottom of the barrel. 

Anyway! You can be great and so can I. By simply never giving up.  

The odds may be stacked against you 1,000,000,000:1. However, like my new good friend said, if you try that many times you are bound to reach your goal at least once! 

Im still on my way to my greatness in my eyes!  I'm pretty sure if I don't stop I'll get there! 

So, whatever you are working on keep pushing and I'll see you when you get there!  

 "You got this!"

May you Reign  


Brandon Thomas