Your Worst Enemy

Your worst enemy is someone who doesn't care about your success, doesn't want you to win, and prefers you suffer in pain and loneliness!  

What makes your worst enemy so darn SAVAGE, is the fact they are sneaky they pretend to be your support! They motivate you to do better in life they say you can make it! Which is great, right? 


Because, right when your at the finish line, they trip you up! They make you second guess yourself and lose all hope. So when you fail they can be the first to comfort you and look like the hero. 

So how do you locate this sly and wicked person? 



Did that surprise you?  

It surprised me...  

I've realized my own worst enemy was me...  

Time and Time I've gotten in my own way.  

I have been my own cheerleader supporting myself! Saying how great I am, knowing I can get whatever I want. Then right when I'm on the cusp of becoming everything I wanted to be. I say wait, you  really aren't capable of that you're not really good enough, they don't really like you, and worse you almost got it!

So like a dumb dumb! I believe it, and sabotage  everything and fail!  

And who's the first person to try and help.  

It was me, again! 

So if this is you stop it. It's not health!  

As much as we say we love ourselves, maybe we aren't aware of how much we harm ourselves too!  

Best thing is to get out of your own way and enjoy life!   

It's  not that easy, because it's not like you can cut yourself off!  

But you can control yourself! So with practice, work on being a real friend to yourself and not the opposite.  

May you reign!  


Brandon Thomas