Back to the Unusual

So, over the past few weeks God has placed me in a spot and around certain people who have brought me closer to him!  

Ive been really grateful!  

But it hasn't been the easiest thing either!  


Moving Forward  

I'm realizing after people go through storms or journeys that changes their prospective, they (me included) go back to thier comfort zone!  

why! It's a horrible habbit of self doubt and hate!  

Why would you go back to the very same place you just came out of!   That's insane! 


But we all do it sometimes....  

In fact I almost did it today.  

After clearly thinking about some recent things that have occurred in my life. My first thought was well back to the usual.  

I changed my mind immediately and realized I need to get back to the unusual. Back to the unusual things that I do that make me, me. The way that I smile, the way I take photos, the way that I laugh, the way I crack jokes, and most importantly how vulnerable I am. 


I know now there is a light in my being!  

And that every second I dim that light I rob the world of joy!  

Im not a theif, so you shouldn't be! 

If you are just coming out of a storm or journey (doesn't mean it was bad) don't go back to your usual ways.  

May you Reign!  

 Chase Reign  


Brandon Thomas