Shattered Glass

Have you ever dropped a glass cup and watched it shatter?   

It's always slightly nerve wrecking!  

Even if the glass wasn't any type of special, the clean up sucks. However, normally the clean up never takes too long and every now and then you'll find a few pieces of glass that you thought you got the first time.  

Well sometimes our hope for people are the same as shattered glass.  

Sometimes people come into our lives and take our absolute breaths way. It's in these people's that we build a grand version of a glass cup and create a fantasy iconic vase that is basically priceless.  

Well, you guessed right! Even these things shatter.  

So, no matter how important or how valuable they were! (Mourn) but now they are shattered glass and no matter what you do they will never be the same. In addition, broken glass cuts! So do what you need to do to clean it up!

If not for yourself, so the next person in your life won't have to deal with that type of pain. No need to allow them  to get cut by glass they know nothing about! (Bag lady and men)

All things work together for the good!   

May you Reign

Chase Reign  

Brandon Thomas