Man! O, Man!  

Transitions, are wow!  

I know they are difficult. But, I also know they are vital to growth! 

But as you know my blogs are never your traditional view point. Transitions can leave you feeling quite empty or feeling less valued than you were previously. Now, don't get me wrong you definitely know that transitioning will be better for you in the long run but in the moment it leaves you on uneven ground.  

Which for a moment can have you feeling like is this the right thing?  Well, buckle up and prepare for a ride because you are about to get cussed out (without the curse words)!   

If you ever do some dumb stuff like that again we are fighting. I'm going to run in your house and completely holistically and  fully commit 1st° murder on your psyche! 


Never feel like its not worth it!!!  

Its more than that. Your transition isn't just about you!  It's about your family, your future kids, and people you don't even know. Your life and dream may be the difference that makes the world stay closer to the better side of good!  

Did Dr. Martin Luther King, Jesus, Steven Spielberg, Oprah, Will Smith (my idol), or who ever you look up to know you personally?  

If they did... lucky you!  

But their actions have changed the structure of the world for all people! 

So, imagine what you can do!  

Embrace change and transition! 

May you Reign  

Chase Reign  

Brandon Thomas