The Most Beautiful Year.

I refuse to join the bandwagon completely  when it comes to the hate of 2016!

Yes, It was horrible!

For me this year I dealt with a bad break up right at the start. I lost the friendship of one of my Dearest Morehouse Brothers, I found myself crying more this year than I ever have before! I lost a relationship with one of my closest family members. One person, I loved since childhood, I realized I had to let go of even though they were like family. 2016 Was the magnified version of unrequited love. 2016 Made me wrestle with my inner demons. I was taken advantage of by so many people and situations it almost made me crumble. I felt like a crumbled street in the hood! 

Like broken concrete! 

But from this concrete a rose grew!

This year honestly was the most beautiful year of my life.

.After seeing the same tired trifling things happen (over and over 8x) I decided to make a change!

Why you ask?

I embraced me! 

Ive been embracing me so hard its scary! Like, when a superhero finally realizes who they are and you know the fight scene is about to go down... (thats how hard i been embracing me)

I Bout scared the heck outta myself-Chase Reign

I Bout scared the heck outta myself-Chase Reign


My God what I gained!! 

First, let me start with the new friends I've made...

This year the support from a certain group of people has made me value myself in ways I dared not imagine... the amount of love and support that they have provided me with has restored the idea of unity in our world. 

In addition, seasoned friends have shown their value in ways that humbles me and more so proves why they have stayed around!

Lastly, one special person has given me hope that love does exist. Not in a romantic way but a spiritual one.... they know who they are! I pray for them all the time. (Silver and Gold) (they like it simple so ill keep it that way) lol... you made this years really special. lol  


2016 should be your testimony.... cause honestly, a lot of people didn't make it out! A lot of people gave up and turned sour! 

So, they say good things start with a rough start. But my GOD... Just wait for 2017 

I have so much to say.. but let me stop talking and start acting! 

Love you all, 

Chase Reign 


Brandon Thomas