Self Sacrifice

Life is amazing,  in some aspects! But only when we think about the amazing nostalgic moments life can bring. But the sad truth is this world is rotten pass it's core. 

Let's not even worry about the powers at be. Forget Trump, Hiliary, Queens and Kings. Just think about your daily actions and people you come in contact with on the regular, whether you know them or not.   


If you thought about it honestly. I'm pretty sure I can safely assume everyday you come in contact with people who are more or less kind of a butthole. And it's always the kind that stinks, leaving a visiable streak of wtf and omg. Resulting in your emotions and hope for humanity borderline extinct!

It hurts  

It hurts  

With each action comes another! So forget what other people are doing and be that good person today!

I strive to make at least one person laugh a day. Sometimes it works. (Most times it works, I'm funny)  Making other people happy is hard work and it sometimes leaves you a little drained. 

So my point about self-sacrifice, is two!

1. Don't self sacrifice yourself past a point of repair. 

2. Don't stop self sacrificing yourself! When you think about all of the great leaders and people who make this world a little bit better ( it's the plight of the hero!) they sometimes are the martyr! 😰. 

There is a reward for this type of behavior it's called Karma (she doesn't always have an attitude.) Sometimes, it sneaks up on you when you least expect.  Most of the time it's absolutely amazing and that's life.  

So if you're feeling down stand up or at least in your head do a little dance and keep on moving!!!


Have fun!! And enjoy life 

Have fun!! And enjoy life 

Chase Reign

Brandon Thomas