Letting Go Toxic Relationships (For You)

So tonight, after my new found thought process! (My close friends and family are aware)

My whole entire level of tolerance for pain discomfort or toxic people has totally changed! And I mean Totally changed! 

Now, when I write this,  by no means am I calling anyone in my past "Toxic" directly! Just Toxic for me. 

There are things that change a person. Also, there are things that change about a person. When that happens applaud them! Change sucks for a little while  and it's very uncomfortable during the initial process! 


Sometimes the people that are Toxic for you are healing for others! They are in this world for a reason they make the weak strong, the sad happy, the lost found, and etc.


If you have someone in your life stop holding on to them.... (not because it will make you happier and you only have one life to live) BECAUSE THATS SUPER CLICHE!


YOU ARE BEING SELFISH... allow them to move forward and bless someones life! They have served their purpose in your life. Let them go and allow them to be happy and bless others! I think the reason it hurts to deal and let go of toxic people isn't because they weren't meant for you... but maybe you weren't meant for them.  

Some of you all are probably like "This guy is crazy"


But seriously, allow them to move forward. After all "Milk is only good for so long!"

The people in my life that I would have considered toxic! I think have all been removed!  I feel more free, a little more happy, and a little more sane. I've also been blessed to see them make other people happy.  Had I never let them go (as if i did it on my own will... lol GOD MADE ME, BECAUSE IM STUBBORN) I would have never been able to see how they have grown and brightened other peoples lives and I like to think I contributed to that! Plus love to make people happy and help them grow!

But most of all I wouldn't have been able to be who I am now! 

So My advice, let got of Toxic people for they may be a blessing to others... and you over here being selfish! Just ease on down this road called life and be happy!

May you Reign




Brandon Thomas