Be Still

This one is tricky....

So, Ive recently myself come to the awareness that I've always fought against the natural order or flow of things. I have tried to be my best self all the time. Which is very draining. Also, It has not gotten me in the most happiest situations. However, it has allowed me some beautiful stories and experiences. 

That being said. Im also learning how to be myself.... (which is another post all together) but in learning to be myself, I'm starting to understand other people, other things, and how to just relax. 

But relaxing in today's time, at least for most people is very temporary! So, when you are dealing with a crazy society and have a former bad habit were you could not relax. How do you then stay relaxed? Especially considering your new understanding of:

1. "It's okay to be your natural self!" 

2."You can't control things, you can only be." 





Now allow me to clarify!

I mean, be still in your inner being. Know that it's okay to feel emotions. It's okay to do your job and put yourself in a place to work hard and to move with swiftness and urgency. But even in that remain "STILL" to that inner calming wave that allows you to go with the flow. 

For me that is GOD and my friends. 

When I lean to GOD and not my own understanding, I find my self in such peace because Im moving with the flow and order of things. 

That doesn't mean I don't acknowledge and let GOD know what I want. Or I'm not scared and I'm willing to take what ever life gives me. 

It means the opposite. I tell GOD I'm scared and nervous. I tell him what my hearts true desires are but I'm okay with what his will is and I go with the natural flow of what gets me there! 

If that means loosing what I think I want... to gain what I really want/need... then its okay..

(again this doesn't mean i don't feel the pain of regret or my desires not being meet to my will)

But understanding that if I remain "Still," then I won't be fighting the flow but will be  in the will and order of GOD!


May you Reign 

Chase Reign 

Brandon Thomas