You ever go to the club to get away from things on your mind?  

Thats my plan tonight!  

At least I thought. The honest truth is I'm here now ( 12:00am) not even wanting attention or anyone to talk to me... but to just be with my self in public. 

It's a great feeling to just be your self with strangers.  

But it's also a little weird because I came by myself. 

1. To get attention that I don't honestly want to remind myself! ( I got the sauce) oxymoronic right!?

2. It was free before 12:30 😂 

But clubbing is interesting not only because you  go to have a good time and just enjoy yourself but also because you get to watch others be themselves. 

Well Crime mob knuck if you buck is playing and I can be #ratchet sometimes  

all LOVE!  

May you Reign  


Brandon Thomas