Hey you!

Nothing is better when meeting a person and having them see you!  

Its a deep thing! It makes you feel valued and important!  


The great part about this is it grounds you to reality. It's makes you see yourself past daily monotonous task. 


So if you ever hear me say! "Hey you"  it means I see you or maybe we saw each other. 

Those type of relationships come far and in between so if you meet someone like this just be and just maybe....  

Remember life is like a theme park. And relationships are like the roller coasters. Some will be the best experiences you've ever had. While others will leave  you shaking, scared, and out your mind. However, (I'm still practicing this part), if you relax and enjoy each ride life is so much easier. Because you never know who will be waiting when you get off that roller coaster to say...

hey you!!!  

May you Reign


Brandon Thomas