Friendship is so important.... or is it?

Sometimes I don't know!

I mean they are vital to your everyday existence but do they really make you, you?

I know that we find peace in feeling loved and like we belong but does that change who you are?

First off who are you?

(if you don't know take your time. I think its a everyday thing) 

But back to friendship.... 

I think your friends are a direct reflection of your true self! 

I think they reflect everything you want to be or "think" you can be! 

For example have you ever seen someone who is the dopest most cool person in the world but their friends are the most "wack, weird unsuccessful people ever".... judgmental i know but its true.

They are a direct reflection of what that person thinks they can be...

So cut the judgment Chase! (I'm mean right...not really but... some may think so) 

Moral of the story surround yourself with friends who are what you honestly want to be.. and watch your life change. 

Friendship is a choice it's not all fate...(it is) but its fate decided.  Its your choice so if you aren't happy with your friends tell them you love them and  "cut that b**** off" 

You got one life to live!


Now do that wisely just cause someone makes you mad doesn't mean you aren't happy with them!

May you REIGN, 
Chase Reign

Always love the friends you have even if they don't last forever because right now they are all you got! 


Brandon Thomas