Power Struggles

Let’s have a talk! Better yet, sit back and listen! 


I’m not playing with you tuhday! Let’s start with a Bang! I promise to keep this short!  


If a person wants to have a power struggle with you, you have but two options and only two. Bow before them and be a lil bish or keep doing you to the fullest and pay them no mind. (In the internal sense not in external. If it is a race or tangable non self defeating “competiton” give it your all. It will grow you)! 

 For everything else!  Let it go!!!


You can’t worry about someone else’s insecurities!  That’s all power struggles are about! Their sh**! The minute you find yourself at war with a person emotionally when you’ve done nothing to them but be who you are (in respect). Move on. Even if it’s a battle only you are facing. Let it go! 


So, some of you read that last sentence. And said that doesn’t make sense! For those who missed it. Buckle your seat belt!


Your the problem. And you better realize it quickly! 


If you are having a power struggle with someone by yourself then! You need to look at your insecurities. ASAP  


I know... I smooth hit a soft spot! I love you! 



Get your head out ya a**! Focus on what makes you great spot looking at the negative and repeating the same sad narrative and wondering why your life is on a sh*** repeat like  diarrhea at a pig farm!  Go be great! (I’m talking to myself too I’m guilty sometimes)   


If your my friend, loved one, hater, or enemy imma come at ya neck almost everytime about this! Even if I don’t know you!


Please don’t  


All im saying is power struggles are really signs that your leveling up or depleting like a old iPhone that can’t update anymore! You can laugh or cry just take this post for the core of what it is to be serious! 


Stop struggling and grab your power! And take this week by the horns! 

You got this!  


Mr. Reign  


The Rabbit Hole

The Rabbit Hole

What is the Rabbit hole? 

“To go down the rabbit hole is to enter into a situation or begin a process or journey that is particularly strange, problematic, difficult, complex, or chaotic, especially one that becomes increasingly so as it develops or unfolds. (An allusion to Alice's Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll.)”