The Rabbit Hole

What is the Rabbit hole?  

“To go down the rabbit hole is to enter into a situation or begin a process or journey that is particularly strange, problematic, difficult, complex, or chaotic, especially one that becomes increasingly so as it develops or unfolds. (An allusion to Alice's Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll.)”


Backstory: My family is from a country town in TEXAS! Let’s say story telling and joking is pure sport! So, where I’m from originally, if you can tell a story and make ‘em laugh you show nuff Bona fide and certified! When it comes to great stories it’s beautiful and creates a nastalgic feeling that’s irreplaceable!



 However, when it comes to ‘ish talking! Lord, it’s a world wind! Especially if your the victim and are clueless to what’s happening! Aka “sending them down the rabbit hole.”  


People who aren’t for you do this to us all the time but not for sport! They do it for the kill! Using emotional manipulation through gaslighting, playing the victim, or just being a flat out liar. The sad part is we fall for it and don’t know how it happened. It’s quite sad to be the victim of manipulation especially if you’re a kind hearted person and didn’t deserve it! Now, no one deserves this. This only causes more harm! Still, that chick called KARMA is vicious! 



If you find yourself “in the rabbit hole,” or in a state of confusion with someone even if it’s just platonic. Unfortunately, it’s duck season! 

  I’m sure you are now aware you have been “a sitting duck” wondering why do you feel so exposed, vulnerable, and possibly unsafe. Wondering am I doing something wrong and/or am I not good enough?”


good new/bad news! 

(You can get out!/You, have to get out!)  


As a Fox! I hunt rabbits for kill! So as an ally let me come and find you to remind yourself of who you are!  You are absolutely amazing(periodt)

You do not have to dim your light to make them comfortable and “not hurt them.” That’s probably why you’re in the dark confused, hurt, and lonely in the first place. Because when you opporate at your whole, you really light up the world. By doing that you find your way out! Now, that is not an excuse to flip the pendulum and operate in extremes! Proclaim your value and demand respect but don’t abuse it! 


Take your light and find your way back into your natural habitat. Allow yourself to fly high and far away from any toxic behaviors or situations that aren’t a direct reflection of your own actions. Because if you contributed actively to a issue you have to take accountability.  If you don’t you’re only going to end up landing in another rabbit hole or worse realize you are the real culprit!


 I don’t know how deep are far you are down your rabbit hole. I’m not a counselor.

However, as a Fox, I can see in the dark and have gone down the rabbit hole a few times myself! Honestly, I just came to remind you of your light. 


The rest is up to you! You got this!  




 “If your just not ready to come out the darkness, just stay cute!” (Some of y’all like to play dumb) I’m just saying!